NOVN (Novan Inc) .62  Bio stocks are hot sector as the IBB Bio ETF rallies. This is a COVID19 related stock with continued lockdowns and also increase in cases watch for a breakout: 

Catalyst: The naturally occurring #antiviral effects of #nitricoxide and the results we have generated from this assessment, provide us with confidence that our NITRICIL platform may be an effective treatment for #COVD19'

Sympathy: IBB Bio stock ETF breaking new highs and COVID19 outbreak

Shs Float 128.86M

Confirmation: 2 consecutive weeks  closes above .68 (Weekly Wedge Break)

Master support .50 (8/21 MA)

Floor: .46

Last run .36-1.36

Remarks: Bullish Bio stocks heading into Dec Santa Claus rally IBB Bio stock ETF one of the strongest sectors: